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27 December 2007 @ 06:58 pm
FSC ART: Nightmares and Fairytales.  
Foo Swee Chin (or "FSc" for short -- yes, the lowercase 'c' is intentional) is a Singaporean comic book artist whose art is reminiscent of the long-limbed characters from Utena, though very macabre and cute. She has created and published several mildly successful comic books, including illustrating the first twelve issues of "Nightmares and Fairytales" which was a collaborative effort between herself and "Gloom Cookie" writer Serena Valentino before leaving the project in 2005. She runs a very entertaining website and has been illustrating as recently as November 2007.
The following eleven icons come from "Nightmares and Fairytales" issues one, two, seven and eight.

+ Please comment with what you're taking.
+ No credit necessary, just DO NOT claim my work as your own! I have to insist that you credit FSc for her art. You can even link to her website (fscwasteland.com) in your icon comments.
+ Textless icons are bases. Feel free to customize them~.

o1. o2. o3.
o4. o5. o6.
o7. o8. o9.
1o. 11.

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