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Wanna take my drunk girlfriend home?

icons, bases, layouts and mo'

PARTYFOUL_iCONS -- grand reopening!
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A mish-mash of silly icons unlike any you've seen before!

Hullo and welcome to partyfoul_icons, solarsugar's infrequent icon dump and archive. Here you'll find eclectic icons ranging from avatars of my favorite VH1 reality shows to LiveJournal layouts for your perusal. Please wipe your feet before entering, enjoy your stay!
A little lost? Check the tags.

As with all icon communities, there are r u l e s

I admit I am a novice at icon-making, but I pore over tutorials and am doing all I can to improve, so please keep your flames to yourself. Constructive criticism is warmly welcomed, out and out nastiness is not.

Please comment with what you're taking. That way I know what the masses like. =)

Credit is sweet, but not necessary. Just DO NOT claim these icons as your own.

No hotlinking! Upload to your own server. Photobucket is a personal favorite.

a f f i l i a t e s

None yet. Contact me if you're interested. Place "Affiliation" as your subject line.